Carolyn Nevin

Green spoken here!                                                                                                 … and sustainability, and clean energy, and more 

OR–why should customers buy your environmentally friendly cleaning products when Walmart has lower prices on the ones containing dangerous chemicals? I know the science and can help them see the light.

Do you need to get your marketing message to potential customers in clear, understandable language? Let’s say you sell solar panels. I can explain why customers need your solar panels NOW!

Perhaps you would love to find grant money to fund ongoing projects. Maybe grant money for your customers could help them afford alternative energy updates for their businesses or homes. 

I have been successful writing grants that were funded. 

If you need a copywriter to promote your business or organization in today’s green marketplace, I can help!

This is because I have                                                                                   

  •  The education and training
  • 23 years of experience as a high school science teacher
  • Passion for our one and only earth home

Check out my SAMPLES page to see what I can write for you. I can also write copy for these kinds of projects:

   Offline Copy                              Web Copy                                Educational Materials

     Grants                                         Emails                                      Training Manuals                         Case Studies                           E-newsletters                                How-to Books

Just fill out your information on my CONTACT page. I will be in touch within one business day to talk about what you want and need and how we might work together.